Clip  Clop  Costumes

Free Tutorials for the Costume Lover in you!


Please bare with us while we update and remedy images on this website. Tnanks! 

Want a fun, easy to make costume?

All over the internet are expensive costumes for sale. Wether its for a convention, party, fursuiter or youngster, it seems like an expensive endeavour.
I have heard repeatedly how much it costs to make and buy these costumes, and while the talent out there selling is incredible, it's perfectly easy to make a costume yourself!

On this website you will find a range of easy, fun and newbie friendly tutorials to make an animal costume. All you need is some materials, patience and a crafty passion. Why not give it a try?

Tutorials currently featured are:

Goat legs - make them for under £40!
Goat hooves - for under £50!
Tail - under £5!
Hoof hands - under £5!
Horns - under £6!

And other tips and accessories. Why? 

For the love of crafting, of course!

Artists! Please take note:

The tutorials here are for fun only. They are guides and a chance for creative enjoyment, as I believe artists should have a go at projects for themselves before spending lots of money on products. These costumes are not designed as being fit for retail (meeting health and safety standards, for example) but for private use only.  The prices here are estimates, and based on what I managed to get the prices to be when I made the costumes shown, so may vary depending on your source of goods. 

Take care when creating your costumes and make sure you use materials, solvents, and tools responsibly. These tutorials should be done by artists over the age of 16 or with an adult present. Remember above all: Have Fun!