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You Will Need:

How to Make: A Full Body Suit 

For the Upper Body:

1 metre of faux fur - £8


bobby pins

needle and threads

measuring tape

A friend to help you

marker pen

A fitting long-sleeved undershirt - £3


Stuffing Fluff - (£1.50)

1/2 metre of faux fur in second colour - £8

Total - 

I had a few requests for how to make a full body suit, so here is my tutorial to do so! You might want to move past a satyr, and make a complete creature, fuzzy arms and all. It might seem daunting, but essentially, a full body suit is not much more complicated than the legs. It is merely on a larger scale, and the concept is the same. 

This suit is for a dog - in my case, a poodle - for a convention in the summer. It will put together the legs, an upper body, arms, hands, feet and a tail, and utilise all of my tutorials to make. 

This part of the tutorial is to make the upper part of the body. From here I will show how you can attach the upper body to the lower body to make a full body suit.

NOTE: For my full suit, I chose to make my head from an existing base which I purchased from CanineHybridCreations - I wear glasses, and didn't want to make my first base without understanding another one. In this regard I saved money by buying a blank resin base for $75 with a moving jaw and adding my own eyes, teeth, ears and fur, in total bringing my head to around £80. Please see my tutorials for embellishing a costume head, coming soon!

Step One: Gather your Supplies!

An undershirt, faux fur and sewing materials is literally all that you need. Like all costumes, make sure you understand what you want to make before you begin. I drew out my dog character before I started, as shown below, and he has three colours: grey, black and white. I embellished him with different fabric as well for his 'pom poms', but these embellishments are all your decision. At it's core you only need one faux fur and one under layer. Simple!

I chose to stuff his 'pom poms' to make them bigger. Should you choose to stuff areas, such as the sleeves, then stuffing fluff, or teddy stuffing is available from most sewing stores or wool stores. Failing this, cotton wool from any pharmacy or shopping centre will do.

Step Two: Measure and Cut your Torso

Take a good look at your undershirt. The undershirt is there for two reasons: 1) it serves as an actual undershirt for your costume and 2) it is a template for the size and shape of what you are making.

Here, I am wearing my chosen black undershirt. Measure your torso from neck to hip and across from shoulder to shoulder. There should be a little link on your undershirt shoulder where the sleeves are attached and that's a good guide. Use these measurements to draw out two big rectangles in the fur and cut them out, making the length slightly larger than you think necessary.

                                                                             Make sure you leave room for a hem!

Step Two: Sew Your Torso

Place your two pieces fur to fur and begin to bobby pin them to prepare for sewing. You will be sewing inside out.

With a friend to help you, pin the torso pieces so that you can best identify where to start and stop sewing - leave plenty of room for your head and arms to come through. 

Test the fabric by bringing your arms above your head. You should be able to move comfortably! The neck of your undershirt will also be a guide as to what is enough space for you to wear the torso.

Mark with your pen a semi circle around your neck and cut here. Mark the bobby pins as well, and remove them before taking off the torso for safety. Then remove the torso and sew where you have marked.

The neck line and bottom should be hemmed.