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You Will Need:

Faux fur - length varying, approx. 1/4 metre. (£4)

Needle and thread 


Elastic (£1)

Felt pen

stuffing fluff (£1.50)

Optional: A second colour (£4)

You can make the tail for as little as £6.50!

How to Make: A Tail

Following popular demand, this tutorial is not only for a goat tail, but all tails in general. Therefore this tutorial is for both a generic dog tail, rabbit tail or a goat tail. Once you know this tutorial a cat tail or something more extravagant follows the same premise. Use your imagination and work large or very small! Conveniently, a tail is actually the most simple of tutorials, and also one of the most popular accessories for costumes. This particular tutorial I have used for all kinds of costumes, including adding a tail to a christmas onesie. On average it only takes about an hour to make!

Step One: Decide your Design!

Know your tail before you begin. For a goat, I usually make it resemble a rabbit tail, but for any other animal it can be whatever you choose. I usually pick two colours, a darker one on top and a paler one underneath.

On the left are the rough drawings for my goat tail and a husky tail that I made.

I wanted both of the tails to be curled and upright. This is the biggest trick to a lively tail: it helps them to 'wag' when you walk and to curl tightly. The movement and bouncing effect is all to do with how well stuffed the tail is and it's shape when you sew. Not enough curl can leave a tail floppy and lifeless like a stuffed sock!

Step Two: Cut Out Your Fabric

You will need to draw out two pieces of fabric - a larger piece for the bottom of the tail and a smaller piece for the top. 


The cunning trick to a tight and perky tail is the size difference between the two pieces. The smaller piece will pull up the larger piece to form a curl. You may be surprised by how different the pieces need to be to make a curl!

On the left is a guide to how different my two pieces were for the husky tail.

The Goat Tail had two pieces, in this example, both white to match a christmas onesie I had.

Like the husky tail, the pieces differ in size, but not so greatly. The pieces here will allow for a more triangular shape for the tail.

For the husky tail the pink piece was significantly smaller to make the tail coil up.

When you sew them together, the smaller fabric will tighten the shape, as shown above.

A longer, thinner top piece will make the tail curl up higher. 

step Three: Sewing and stuffing

Sewing your two pieces together, do so inside out (putting the hairy part back to back) and then sew all the  way around, leaving the back of the tail open in order to turn it the right way out, and then stuff it. 

I lost the photo but it's pretty straight forward. Here's a diagram!

Step Four: Elastic

< photo of elastic

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